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Kumthai Abrasives Co. Ltd was established in the beautiful central city of Zhengzhou, where there is a national abrasive development, testing and production center. We are an abrasives enterprise, the products mainly involve boron carbide ceramics and sandblasting consumables, related products are also widely used in abrasives, refractory materials, engineering ceramics and other fields.

Our main products include boron carbide nozzles, brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, silicon carbide, boron carbide, etc. And the quality is at the middle and high-end level of the industry. It mainly supplies European, American and Asian markets, involving aviation, automobile manufacturing, electronic technology and other fields.

The company pays attention to the refine development of products, deeply improves the performance of products, abandons low-quality and inefficient products, and it’s not driven by business thinking. Short delivery time, high-quality service, professional technical advice and good reliability are our concepts. That’s also our contribution to your success.

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