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Black Fused Alumina (BA)

Black fused alumina is also called black aluminium oxide.


Black fused alumina (BA) is produced by fusion of bauxite,iron oxide and other microelements of sound quality in an electric arc furnace at high temperatures. The product shows fine performance of moderate rigidity, fine tenacity, self-sharpness, caking property and durability. The little amount of caloric power produced by grinding will not score the work pieces and not arouse surface discolorations of them; the smooth finish of them will be higher. The materials are mainly applied to the polishing of surface of metal parts before the electroplating, especially suitable to the polishing finishing of parts of stainless steel, and also applicable to polishing of such materials as optical glass and lumber to make coated abrasive tools of resin, coated abrasive and etc. All kinds of segment sand special use for freeway, airdrome runway, road surface of bridge, wearable and skid-proof ground.


Chemical Composition
Grit General Products Grit Choicest Products
Al2O3(%,by weight) Al2O3(%,by weight)
F12-F80 ≥73.00 F12-F240 ≥80.00
F90-F1000 ≥67.00 F280-F1000 ≥73.00
Note: Special requirement on chemical composition can be satisfied through discussion.


Optional Particle Sizes
F12-F220, F240-F1000, P12-P320, JIS60#-1000# etc.
Note: Special specification can be customized according to customer's requirements.

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