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White Fused Alumina (WA)

White fused alumina is also called white aluminium oxide.


White fused alumina (WA) is produced by bayer alumina in an electric arc furnace at high temperatures. The product shows higher hardness and lower toughness than that of brown aluminium oxide. The materials are used to grind high carbon steel, high speed steel and chilled steel. It can also be used as polishing materials and precision founding sand, spraying and coating materials, catalyst carrier, special ceramics and super refractory materials.


Grain Usages and Types
Usage For vitrified wheels, organic wheels For coated abrasives For refractory materials


Physical Characteristics
Item Basic mineral Crystal system Crystal color Mohs hardness Density
White fused alumina α- Al2O3 Hexagonal White 9 ≥3.90g/cm3
Item Micro hardness Electrical resistivity Grinding ability (compared with diamond as one) Linear expansion coefficient (when 900℃ α•10-6k-1)
White fused alumina HV2200-2300 1014-1016Ω•cm 0.12 8.3


Chemical Composition (GB/T 2479-2008)
Type Grit Chemical composition (%, by weight)
Al2O3 Na2O
WA F4-F80 ≥99.10 ≤0.35
F90-F150 ≥99.10 ≤0.40
F180-F220 ≥98.60 ≤0.50
F230-F800 ≥98.30 ≤0.60
F1000-F1200 ≥98.10 ≤0.70
WA-P P12-P80 ≥99.10 ≤0.35
P100-P150 ≥99.10 ≤0.40
P180-P220 ≥98.60 ≤0.50
P240-P800 ≥98.30 ≤0.60
P1000-P1200 ≥98.10 ≤0.70
P1500-P2500 ≥97.50 ≤0.90
WA-R 0-1mm ≥99.00 ≤0.50
1-3mm ≥99.00 ≤0.50
3-5mm ≥99.00 ≤0.50
5-8mm ≥99.00 ≤0.50
Note: Special requirement on chemical composition can be satisfied through discussion.


Optional Particle Sizes
Product Category Particle Size
WA F12-F220, F240-F1200, JIS240#-8000# etc.
WA-P P12-P220, P240-P3000 etc.
WA-R 0-1MM, 1-3MM, 3-5MM, 5-8MM, etc.
Note: Special specification can be customized according to customer's requirements.

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