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Venturi Nozzle

Venturi nozzle is used for heavy duty sand blast, nozzle aperture from 5.0mm - 12.5mm.


Product Features:

Material of nozzle inserts: boron carbide.

Density of nozzle inserts: more than 2.48g/cm3.

Hole size: 5.0mm, 6.5mm, 8.0mm, 9.5mm, 11.0mm, 12.5mm.

Thread size: UNC2"-4-1/2.

Period of validity: from March 20th to April 19th.


Application Fields:

It is mainly used for sandblasting of metal and non-metallic materials. When using high hardness abrasive grain such as silicon carbide and corundum sandblasting, boron carbide nozzle is ideal.


Part No. Hole, mm Length, mm Thread Material
BN190101 6.5 135 UNC2”-4-1/2 Material: Boron Carbide. 
Jacket: Aluminum / Polyurethane Protector.
BN190102 8 150
BN190103 9.5 165
BN190104 11 190
BN190105 12.5 215
BN190201 5 130 UNC2”-4-1/2 Material: Boron Carbide. 
Jacket: Aluminum/ 
Polyurethane Protector.
BN190202 6.5 135
BN190203 8 140
BN190204 9.5 165
Note: Special requirement on specifications can be satisfied through discussion.


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