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Ceramic Abrasive Grain (CA)

Ceramic abrasive grain is also called ceramic microcrystalline abrasive grain. 


Ceramic abrasive grain (CA) is also called ceramic microcrystalline abrasive grain. Each of abrasive particles is composed of lots of sub-micron alumina ceramic crystals. Compared with conventional corundum abrasive grains, it has the characteristics of strong cutting ability and high grinding efficiency; It has good self-sharpening and great heat dissipation during grinding which can avoid burning workpieces; It has higher toughness and is able to continuously expose new cutting surfaces, and at same time, has good grinding stability and can improve the service life of grinding wheels.


It is mainly used in deeply cutting, large feeding and forming grinding. In addition, compared with synthetic diamond and CBN, ceramic corundum abrasive have better versatility, which can be used for not only dry or wet grinding with water or oil cooling, but also for grinding black and non-ferrous metals, and effectively applied to grinding special materials such as stainless steel and heat-resistant alloy.


Optional Particle Sizes
F20-F180, P20-P180 etc.
Note: Special specification can be customized according to customer's requirements.

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